Album Cover
  1. F.A.Q 5:18
  2. Icarus Rising (demo) 2:33
  3. Lust, Envy & Greed 4:33
  4. Chroma Key 4:51
  5. Fall into the Sky 5:57
  6. Dirty Town 5:46
  7. Watching Fireworks 4:05
All files are mp3s encoded at 196kb/s.

Icarus Rising is an epic progrock trio from Fairbanks, Alaska. They are currently in the processes of recording a self-titled album and have about 40% more to go. Between Eric Barker's diliciously crunchy keyboard tones, Steven Downer's soaring guitar lines, and Norm Johnsen beating the ever-loving crap out the drums, the band draws on an interesting fusion of classic rock, heavy metal, classical and jazz influences. Eric and Steven take turns supplying lead vocals, while Eric supplies the backing vocals, bass, and effects.

We are happy to present online download of our recordings as they are created. None of the tracks above have been through their final mastering, and many will recieve alterations and tweeks as time goes by. We will upload new tracks as they become available.