Orchestral Compositions

Waves (orchestral)(2:35) Spring 09 An orchestration of the first movement from Seidonia Suite
Stream & Meadow(2:38) Fall 08 A short pastoral work inspired by Japanese water color.
Evening News Open(0:51) Fall 2006 This theme was written for the intro of KTVF-11 Fairbanks evening and nightly news
Evening News Close(1:28) Spring 2008 This theme was written for the credits of KTVF-11 Fairbanks evening and nightly news. The theme was created to be looped, indefinitely if need-be.
Station ID (piano)(0:10) Summer 2007 A short, pleasant version of the Newscenter theme used during station IDs.
Cavern Rush(1:02) Fall 2005 An action theme
Escape from Azador(5:51) Dec 2004 This was my attempt at mimicking the style of video game music but worked into a larger piece. The piano version includes an extra few minutes of material.
Fantasia on a Theme by
Jim Holt
Summer 2005 Longer orchestral work, with elements of a piano concerto, based off an early 90s video game theme.
Security Breach(0:57) Fall 2002 A short synthesized symphonic demo inspired by a scene from a friend's action movie screenplay.
Partly Cloudy(0:45) Dec 2005 Short work written to be played during weather condition slates on TV.
Lemicia's Theme(1:07) Summer 2003 No musical relation to the piece Lemicia & Ramirez from Seidonia Suite, this short symphonic demo was, however written during the first brainstorm over the Seidonia concept the summer before the suite was started. Interestingly, the first beginnings of Transformation were written just days later, but no material from this demo was ever used in the piano & tape suite.
All files are mp3s encoded at 196kb/s.