Evidence of Weather

Album Cover
  • Kevin Alexander – Drums
  • Eric Barker – Piano, Synthesizer & Rhodes
  • Brendan Evans – Acoustic & Electric Guitars
  • Nate Levin – Bass Guitar
  1. City of Ruin & Rain (10:31)
  2. The Bright Path (6:20)
All files are mp3s encoded at 196kb/s.

Evidence of Weather is a 17 minute EP consiting of the two progressive rock works I composed for my senior electro-acoustic recital at Oberlin Conservatory. This meant acomplishing the daunting task of convincing my professors to venture outside the formal view of art music.

I had planned to come full circle—for these works to be a closure to the type of music I had been writing when I first came to Oberlin. I realize now, however, that this was unwarranted, I'll always return to prog from time to time.

The first track, City of Ruin & Rain, was originally developed as the first half of The Bright Path—originally planned as a 15-minute epic—but was later separated and written independently. After it's separation, I began to draw on some material I had written to fill out my video game piano arrangement of Freya from Final Fantasy IX. The title pays tribute to the section of the game that Freya is played at, although none of the music from the original theme appears in the track.

The Bright Path, the second track, was developed from a short classical guitar and piano duet I had left incomplete back in 2000. This probably became the more “traditional prog rock” of the two tracks as it pays more than a small amount of homage to bands like King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, and Dream Theater. The title stems from the original duet, one of many works inspired by visual scenes, in this case representing a sunlit path after a rainstorm. After finaly finishing the piece 5 years after it began I knew I had to get a photo of this for the cover—thankfully, the weather cooperated.